Client acquisition
Talent Sourcing
  • Client Search

    Search and acquire new clients by inputting customized search parameters.

  • Prospect mgt

    Categorize prospects into groups based on preferred parameters.

  • Talent Search

    Discover talents with our incredible search filters: skills, experience, location etc

  • Job Post Mgt

    Stay organized with our applicant tracking system, effortlessly move talents through each stage

  • Email Campaign

    Send customized emails including follow up emails up to 5 steps to your client prospects.

  • Alerts & Triggers

    Receive relevant alerts about the latest news specifically within your market

  • Shortlist Mgt

    Craft winning email campaigns, Personalize outreach and track responses

  • Inbox

    Manage all communication with clients and candidates in one centralized hub.

  • Talent Database

    Save promising candidates and revisit them when the perfect opportunity arises

  • Candidate submission link

    Save time to hire by sharing a simple candidate submission link of shortlisted candidates with clients.

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